A Billion-dollar Idea

20141008 reclining workstation

Last week’s sample “week in the blue belt life” was slightly extraordinary in the amount of running around I was doing and lack of sleep I was accumulating.  To balance things out the Universe planted a couple golf balls in my throat lymph nodes and bound me to the bed and antibiotics for three days this week.  I then retaliated by drinking a cup of Bleddy’s cafe americano and turning insomniac for all of Friday night.  Next move, Universe.

Friday’s behavior aside, though as my one and only says I am stubborn and therefore end up repeating mistakes such as those that led me to get sick, I do believe there are lessons in illness and injury.  In my case I simply burned through too much energy without replenishing it with sleep, leaving my immune system weakened.  As a partial solution, in addition to trying to cut off my activity so that I can sleep properly, I have implemented something I often spoke of in my former profession – a bespoke workstation.  This is still a billion-dollar idea, one of the many I left in my former life 😉  It’s not quite what I envisioned (a single unit with standing, sitting, and reclining options and touch screen technology), but I now have a standing workstation in my music production area and the pictured reclining workstation for doing things like type this post.  Here’s to maximizing energy retention going forward!