Blue Belt Weekly: Satsumaimo Power Bread, Where are We Going?

This post is also available in: Japanese

This week in the blue belt life – new recipe up for my Satsumaimo Power Bread. Check it out, head to the Ginza Farmers Market (or your local farmers market) for ingredients, and whip up a batch this weekend.

Recently I have been devoting time to putting up recipes I have found helpful in a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. I have no intention of making this into a recipe blog – why even try when there’s Thug Kitchen? But since I am eventually going to delve into a major problem humanity faces – our attachment to the religion of carnism – I feel it is important to give solutions to that problem also. I am honing in on a template that I can hopefully use to put these recipes up in both English and Japanese in relatively short order. That way, when the time comes to explain why exactly every person on this planet should transition to a plant-based diet, I will already have a trove of resources to aid in that transition.

In the mean time, I am still committed to completing the projects laid out in my spring cleaning post. I have finally reached a point where I am satisfied with my Ginza Farmers Market work and can share that with the public. Next up, e-publishing my farewell letter to finance – “Trading for Survival”. I will send a preliminary copy to all subscribers to my Youtube channel, so if you’re interested sign up, and have a productive week ahead!