From the Foot of Mount Fuji





03/01/2014 by Mike


12/23/2013 by Mike

4 thoughts on “From the Foot of Mount Fuji

  1. Mike Loch

    No mate. I thank you for the kind gesture but this is a place for your things not mine. I’m just happy that someone loves Fuji-San as much as I do.

    1. Chris Duss

      Cool mate – if you have any sweet photos you’d like to post, feel free to ship them over any time. See you on the curb sometime soon.

    1. Chris Duss

      Haha, Mike love the Fuji pics, let me know if you want me to credit you in any more specific way. How about a link to your famous sausages? I mean, in theory we are a vegetarian blog, but if people gonna eat meat it might as well be treated with love.

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