The Ginza Farmers Market Series

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On December 6, 2014 I shot the video for “A Day at the Ginza Farmers Market” and five interviews with the manager of the market and vendors. Last week I finally uploaded the last interview video, completing the series. The market is more vibrant than ever as education spreads on healthy dietary choices and sustainable farming practices.

This market really is a one-stop shop for all your culinary needs – from staples like rice and pasta to fresh fruits and vegetables to free range organic eggs to specialty items like dried shiitake and various types of seaweed. I personally do fully half of my total shopping here, with the remaining half split evenly between regular supermarkets like Peacock and Hanamasa, and online retailers like nK-Organic and iHerb – more on that in later posts. In the mean time, take a trip over to the Ginza Farmers Market (open 11-17:30 Saturday and Sunday), speak with the farmers and farm representatives, and take your life in a healthier direction using the best produce in the land. To get to the market, click here for the location in Google Maps, or search the address, 2-10-1 Yurakucho. See you over at the market this weekend!

Also be sure to check out our Ginza Farmers Fan Page, which has delicious vegetarian recipes, regular updates of my weekly visits to the market, photos, vendor bio’s and more. Productive week ahead!