Single Mother: Perspectives from Two Continents

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Last week I had the honor of sharing Kyla’s views on raising twins while still keeping her passion alive in the first Blue Belt video interview. This week we add to the story, presenting Kyla’s responses to my interview questions alongside those of Ellen, friend and single mother in the Philippines. Thanks to both for giving generously of  their limited time to share their information with the world.

2 thoughts on “Single Mother: Perspectives from Two Continents

  1. BrownbeltLife

    How tough life seems at times, but how admirable the both of them are for working hard to provide a good life for their kids. A real shame social services in the Philippines is so lacking..

    1. bluebeltlife Post author

      I do think the greater acceptance of shared living with families in the Philippines makes up for and is actually preferable to government aid. There is also the theory that the benefits available in the United States actually incentivize single motherhood. As this interesting and data-packed video notes aid to single mothers has increased in lock step with the increase in single motherhood in the United States, showing that increased aid definitely does not address the root cause of the problem.