English Pronunciation Intensive Course

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teaching-photoHave you ever wondered why learning English is so difficult for Japanese people? After teaching English to both young children and adults here in Tokyo for several years, I have found that correct pronunciation is one of the biggest obstacles. Japanese are perfectionists, and they lose interest in activities that they do not excel in. But English pronunciation is extremely difficult for native Japanese speakers, and here is why: there are 108 sounds in the Japanese language, but over 1800 in English! Fortunately, we don’t need to learn all of those to speak excellent English. I found a book, called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, which systematically teaches 40 of the most difficult sounds for Japanese learners. Over the course of 100 30-minute lessons, your child will learn:

  • Correct pronunciation of the most difficult English sounds
  • Lots of common English vocabulary
  • How to read and write English

After completing this course, your child will be ready to excel, not just in English, but any Western language. This course is appropriate for: anyone age 5 and up who is looking to improve his or her English pronunciation, speaking, reading, and writing skills. See here for pricing information. Please contact info@dreamkids-net.co.jp for more information on how to enroll.