Vegetarian Recipes

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20141206 farmers picks 3 © Celia Humphries

Take your cooking and health to the next level with the following recipes tested and tried in the blue belt household. Almost everything we cook contains fresh, lush, chemical-free ingredients sourced at the Ginza Farmers Market. If you live in Tokyo or are just visiting, make sure to check the market out Saturdays and Sundays – it’s conveniently located in the center of Tokyo! For the many who don’t live here, please support your local farmers markets and enjoy the selections inspired by our market below. If you have your own favorite vegetarian market recipe, please send it with photos and we will give it a try and post it!

10. Let cool in pan for 10 minutes, cut up and dig in.Oct 19, 2015: Satsumaimo Power Bread

Homemade Deodorant finished productOct 12, 2015: All-natural Homemade Deodorant

Caribbean Bean and Rice SoupSep 26, 2015: Caribbean Bean and Rice Soup

3.乾杯! Apr 12, 2015: Mizuna Mind Opener

18.栄養たっぷりマルシェのローストしたトマトスープを、焼き立てのパンとマルシェのサラダとひろさんのすごくうまいゴマのドレッシングを召し上がり下さいね。いただきます!Jan 19, 2015: Roasted Tomato Soup

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