Back to Peeling Almonds

2014 peeling almondsAfter a couple exciting weeks (see here and here) and an impromptu music video last week I got back to some basics this week and continued work on some ongoing projects. I also peeled about a kg of almonds – of course after soaking them overnight in salt water. For those who are wondering the almond’s skin is difficult to digest and contains most of the phytic acid which binds the nutrients in the almond. The Ayurvedic way is to soak the raw almonds and peel by hand before eating – this retains the most nutrient content. But so as to knock out a whole kg in one sitting (whilst watching the interesting and highly applicable to a budding artist movie, Frank), I blanched and peeled them according to this method.

Most of the productive effort this week went into an upcoming Tokyo music video, dedicated to my one and only. It’s our best production yet and we’re looking forward to releasing it to the world.

Other than that, I found out a friend of mine is working on his own version of a blue belt life, having quit full-time work to do a mix of teaching and his own thing. Check his Facebook here and the YouTube channel he is doing some work with here – make sure to like, subscribe, spread the word – support the blue belt community!