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April 2015

How to Live by the Sun of God: Why We Reproduce
How Long Would Humans Survive if We Stopped Reproducing

Video – My Dissertations on Dissipation: What I Do for Fun Part 2

How to Live by the Sun of God: Why We Work

March 2015

How to Live by the Sun of God: Why We Eat
Guest Post: The Meaning of Life According to Thermodynamics

Marriage Doesn’t Matter
A Tokyo Wedding for Under ¥50,000
Fasting for Love and Health

February 2015

Video – Sharing the Love: Fuji Time Lapse, #DarkMatter, Tokyo Bed and Art
Video – What is Love?
What We Can Learn from Visiting “Developing” Countries
Video – The Meaning of Vacation

January 2015

How to Go on Vacation
Starting Local (and then moving outward)
Ginza Farmers Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe
Video – A Day at the Ginza Farmers Market
The Ginza Farmers Market (a Primer)

December 2014

Video – Tokyo Lights (Let There Be Peace Piano Instrumental) and How to Opt Out of Christmas Continued
Video – A Christmas Piano Tutorial
How to Opt Out of Christmas
Video – My Little Flipper Girl
Video – Making the Most of the Holidays

November 2014

What I Do for Fun
Blue Belt Hits the Green Room
Why Ashtanga Part 2: Purification
Back to Peeling Almonds
Video – Giant Monster Tokyo Rats

October 2014

Perspectives from a Year in: a Matter of Will
A Billion-dollar Idea
Photos from the Foot of Mt. Fuji
A Week in the blue belt life

September 2014

Blue Belt Weekly: Version 2.0
The Blue Belt Speech History: Rupal and Mandy, an Indian Wedding (plus a bonus dance video)

August 2014

Video – How to Hand Drum
The Blue Belt Guide to Wedding Speeches

June 2014

Guest Post: The Perfect Guinea Pig
Why Ashtanga?
The Blue Belt Diet, Part 1: Filters
The Blue Belt Diet (Overview)

May 2014

Blue Belt Market Update: Sell in May?
Video – Tokyo Sakura

April 2014

10 Reasons I Abstain from Alcohol, Without Exception
Blue Belt Market Update: Investing in the Market Today
Blue Belt Market Update: a Trade

March 2014

Video – Tokyo Snow
Video – Make Spicy Marinara, Like a Sir

February 2014

Why Yoga?
Perspectives from Four Months in: the Dark Side of Freedom

January 2014

Giving up the Green for the Gold

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