A Week in the Blue Belt Life

1003 train tracks jam

This week I answer the most common question about my current life: what exactly is it, I do here?  Well, in all its glory, here’s the blue belt life play-by-play from last week:


4 thoughts on “A Week in the Blue Belt Life

  1. Koji

    So are you teaching 2x a week now? Also, have you tried alternate nostril breathing meditation? I’ve just started doing that…

    1. bluebeltlife

      Hi Koji – thanks for the comment – yes I’m teaching kids 2 days a week and also two yoga sessions, though the yoga classes are pretty informal and one is paid for in fruit (which is, I think, the way forward actually). The pranayama I do before bed I learned from Shiva Rhea’s Yoga Shakti and uses alternate nostril Ujjayi breathing. By the way I highly recommend that video to anyone looking for an intermediate (blue belt) level home practice that is not quite as strict as Ashtanga. As I haven’t found a particularly good demonstration of the meditation on youtube I’m creating a musical instructional to fill the void – hope to have it out in time for Movember!

  2. $urpri$ed @ Lack of $leep

    The thing that surprises me here most is how little time you allot yourself for sleep. You were a championship level sleeper when given the opportunity in days of yore. As I’ve grown older I’ve done my best to emulate you in this capacity. I saw your reply, btw. Fire your photographer. Just duct tape a camera to Bilbo Bobbins or whatever his name is. I appreciate the update too because I was a bit worried about your welfare with the typhoon and whatnot. The food looks amazing and I’m planning a visit in the not too distal future. I’m envious of the amount of yoga in your life; i must say. Too much work for me presently and not enough time.

    1. bluebeltlife

      Indeed last week was a bit abnormal on that front and ideally I would get 7 hours minimum on average. I am reaping the reward for last week’s overactivity with a case of strep throat and inflated throat lymph nodes that make me look like fat bastard. A year in and I am still searching for balance in my schedule. Hope your trip here is not too distal, Billbobbins looks forward to all the contraptions you plan to affix to him.