Sharing the Love: Fuji Time Lapse, #DarkMatter, Tokyo Bed and Art

Last week we found that the true universal meaning of Love is that which the Greeks called agape – a force in nature that expands knowledge and consciousness in the Universe. This is ultimately what these pages are about – helping to expand my and others’ knowledge through creative acts and through sharing in what I have learned or am in the process of learning. But the work of one person, while important, pales in comparison to what we can achieve as a community – and so it is a fitting time to share the work of some of my associates, with the hope that more people get involved in mutually expanding our knowledge.

Joe Smith, who has been an integral part of this blog – the silent partner – is an accomplished producer, composer, and creator. In the video above he demonstrates this, overlaying a waving and hypnotic instrumental over one of the wonders of the natural world – Mt. Fuji and its “Crown Effect”. As someone who has followed his music production I can say he has taken a step forward in this piece – listen and watch for yourself, and get the music at his SoundCloud page.

Next up is Nhan, my college roommate, a physicist working with the Large Hadron Collider, and a fellow blogger and tweeter. Nhan is an explorer, doing work that most of us can’t understand on a mathematical level, but that we should all appreciate on an intuitive level. Understanding the Universe, the source of our life – what could be more basic and essential than this?

So check out his parody of the Fallon/Timberlake skit, share it around, and start asking your own questions about the world we live in. We, as a people, understand very little of what is out there, but hold the potential, through the force of Love, to understand everything of it. As a side note, Nhan and I have a little contest going – whoever can reach 1mm YouTube viewers first has to make a parody of one of the other’s videos – he’s already crushing my whole channel with this one video, but I have high hopes for my equally educational Bhangra Tutorial.

tokyo bed and art

And for anyone visiting or living in Tokyo, or if you are looking for cool ideas to try in your hometown – check out Tokyo Bed and Art. It’s an Airbnb rental featuring murals, art, and handcrafted goods from local Tokyo artists. All the art is available for purchase and all profits from the venture go toward supporting and expanding the reach of Tokyo artists.

This is a truly community-oriented project and is founded in increasing our awareness of the creative side of Japanese society – which is all too often repressed or suppressed through the education system and culture here. I wish the creators all the success for their investment of time and energy in this project. Find out more from the Tokyo BnA website and their Airbnb listing.

That’s it for this week. Now let’s hear from you. Have creative endeavors, knowledge-expanding activities, or just thoughts to share? Let us know in the comments section. Productive week ahead!