Blue Belt Hits the Green Room


This Saturday I tested out the green room at Youtube Tokyo with my colleague from OmokageDevTV. My manager is going to kill me for dressing like “a homeless” and not fixing my hair, but who knew I was going to be doing an interview?! In reality we just had some fun in front of the screen and I will share what Omokage-san comes up with (he’s a budding effects enthusiast) – make sure to check him out and subscribe even if you don’t speak Japanese – learn Japanese and support the blue belt community!

So this week we ran into some PC problems, delaying the release of “Flipper Girl”, but we are on the case and hope to have it finished this week. As that project was on hold I started working on my Movember tribute video, a music instructional on my pre-bed meditation. Just so I have something to show I uploaded the track to SoundCloud – check it out and chill to some sweet Tesh-like strains!