What I Do for Fun

Check it – OmokageDevTV released the video we made last Saturday in the YouTube green room. It has English subs if you can’t hang with my super-pithy and on-point nihongo.

A question I get a lot since giving up alcohol, meat, and spending any money outside the Ginza Farmers Market, is what do I do for fun? Part of me feels that I gave up fun, at least in the modern-day socially accepted sense, to do my life’s work. But then that goes against my other belief that we should emulate children, who have boundless energy and imagination. Even though there is great work to be done here, it is important to let go and play – I do that occasionally, on the dance floor, the stage, and in videos like the above. The latter was particularly nice since Omokage did all the hard work with editing and adding those sweet light sabers. Reward his effort with a like on the above and cheeky subscriber, hey?! Ah, screw that I need subscribers more than he does – throw me a bone too!

So, it was a decently productive week. If you missed it I put an article on Ashtanga out. It may be a niche subject, but I am putting this info out there because I genuinely believe the world would be a better place if more people practiced yoga, and Ashtanga is the most effective method I have found for that practice.

I also went on a scouting mission with Isom (subscribe!) to the Ginza Farmers Market for potential video. We want to spread the word about that fantastic location and make it a part of more people’s lives in this city.

Finally “My Little Flipper Girl” is back on track. Joe did an awesome job with the mix, and we are just putting on some final touches before matching it to the video and releasing it to the world.