How to Hand Drum


Music has been part of me for most of what I can remember of life, and one of my first memories is hand drumming.  Long before I usurped my sister’s electronic keyboard and before I built my first popcorn tin drum set I was using my hands to bang sounds out of just about anything – much to the chagrin I am sure of my teachers and parents.  Unlike other parts of my musical life, hand drumming has been with me continuously from that early age – it’s one of the few skills in which I would almost admit to reaching a purple belt level.

And so I feel compelled to share this skill with you, and with the world.  Music is a source for joy in all of our lives, and the joy is that much greater when we create the music ourselves.  And there is no more portable and accessible instrument in the universe than our own bodies.

So reach out with your hands, make contact with the world, with rhythm – and feel as your worries slip away, if only for a brief moment.

How to Drum, Lesson 1: