My Dissertations on Dissipation: What I Do for Fun Part 2

I spend most of my time eating, sleeping and working. Intuitively I know there is more to life than this, but this is the current level of my consciousness – thoroughly blue belt. But it is fun, this cycle of life that achieves the dissipation of the sun’s energy but also pushes us forward into new and interesting realms and experiences. Somewhat synchronystically, the same week I chose to write a discourse on our dissipation through work, I participated in an enormously dissipative event – the Tokyo Eco Slow Marathon in Chiba, an hour outside of Tokyo. My good mate A-town and I jogged, walked and flowed a full marathon in the cold rain, picking up trash and spitting trash of our own along the way. It was a good event – and took about 8 eat-sleep cycles to fully recover from – score one for the sun!

And as a bonus, to make this a double-weekly (as I need to attend to other life events next week, like moving my home around to make room for another blue belt lifer) here is a throwback to my youthfully ignorant days as a big bad banker – my stream-of-consciousness notes from the epic 2009 Gobi March, another truly dissipative event. It hurt me to read this after so long, but also drew some chuckles. It is only slightly edited to protect identities and help in readability. I wasn’t such a good person in those days. And though many attribute my current teetotaling yogi ways to the romantic voyage with my one and only, it was this event that really kickstarted my process of change, as I quit drinking and started practicing yoga again to prepare for it.

Warning: the following contains the ramblings of an uneducated youth, providing very little insight of worth – so only read instead of watching Fox News, the X-factor or one of the other television shows du jour.

Gobi Notes

So what do you think, am I the next candidate for Sway in the Morning, destined for JV, or not even fit for mainstream media? Did you learn anything useful from my Gobi experience? Let us know in the comments. Productive weeks ahead!