Making the Most of the Holidays

I don’t mean to rain on everyone’s turkey feasting parades. OK I sort of do – it’s a typically American holiday built around frivolous consumption disguised as giving and gratitude. And don’t forget, Christmas is right around the corner! We need to make giving and gratitude a part of our daily experience and not rely on culturally accepted institutions as convenient times to express these, just my two cents.

Alright, now that I’ve grinched everyone out, I’ll admit that I indulged in TWO separate tgiving festivities, and I think I made the most of them (see above). Contrary to the normal concept of the holidays as a time to relax in a comfortable setting, this is a time that presents some useful opportunities to do things that scare us – toasts, public dance offs, and the like. So forget about corporate consumerism – make this holiday season a production!

I spent the rest of the week touching up “Flipper Girl” and prepping for my biggest video project yet – an introduction to the centerpiece of my weekly cooking, the Ginza Farmers Market, and an interview series “Meet the Farmers”. For those interested in heckling or helping out, feel free to contact – we are slated to shoot this Saturday, Dec 6, woohoo!