Photos from the Foot of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji 10/10/2014So my friend and co-conspirator from behind the scenes on this website, Joe Smith, has just moved to the foot of Mt. Fuji.  He’s living in a cabin, teaching, and making music – sounds like the picture of a blue belt life to me!  He has volunteered occasionally snap a photograph of this majestic beauty for everyone to behold.  Look for updates in the Mt. Fuji section at the top.  And who knows, maybe we’ll hear more from him over year two of this blog – hello?  Where you at Joe Smith?  Or are you just going to remain the Scorsese to my DiCaprio?

OK I’m going to plug him anyway, check out his SoundCloud, there’s some cool stuff up there and more to come after settling into the above inspiring surroundings.  Also check out the Japanese band he’s mixing and mastering for, 359z.