Introducing Picture Lyrics

What is a life calling? I think it may just be when someone’s skills meet the challenges of a particular idea. I have had a few of those occasions in my life – one of them was to write a book about my experiences trading – thanks to everyone who supported that effort! The cool thing about callings, is that when you commit to answering them, it gives you an incredible energy to bring about what the calling asks for. In my experience with the book, I would work a full week in my regular job, then go in on the weekend to work on the book. That calling got a bit faint after my decision to leave finance, but after lingering a few years in post-production, the book finally got out there!

This year I responded to a new calling, this time in the field of education. It is to help build a library of thousands of songs, with their lyrics mapped to images, to help millions of people learn language and appreciate the music of our world. I call the endeavor “Picture Lyrics”, and I made a website to lay the foundation for an eventual community of learners and contributors, at A bigger part to begin with will be our YouTube channel (please subscribe!). The following two videos are the beginning of that effort. If you are interested in joining up, let me know – thousands of these is beyond the grasp of a single human, but “many hands make light work”. I look forward to hearing from you.

Image credit: “Your Song” by Tony Alter is licensed under CC BY 2.0, cropped